Product Description

2015 Zinfandel

($16 per bottle)

The Grape

Zinfandel is a grape originating from Croatia in Eastern Europe. It is well suited to the Mediterranean-like climate of the Swan Valley.


Only a small parcel of fruit was picked in 2015. The beaume [ sugar level] was high at 14.6 at pH 3.7 Titratable acidity was 10gm/litre. The fruit was destemmed and lightly crushed into an open fermenter where fermentation took place at 25C with wild natural yeast.


Fermentation at low temperature helps retain fruity characters. The ferment was pumped over twice daily to oxygenate the juice [fermentation is an aerobic process] and aid colour and flavour extraction from the skins. After 10 days, the wine was pressed off the skins with an air bag press and pumped into a stainless steel tank for the solids to settle out

After four weeks the wine was transferred to 300 litre French oak barrels for maturation. Sulphur was added as an antioxidant and preservative to prevent growth of wild yeasts and bacteria that might add contaminants to the wine. One year later the wine was pumped to a stainless steel tank, allowed to settle out the solids that accumulate in the bottom of the barrel during maturation, then filtered and bottled after a final sulphur addition. No other wine variety was added [blended].

Nose and palate

The resultant wine is light and brilliant in colour with floral and spicy aromas and taste. Oak flavours, fruit and light tannins give a soft, balanced and lengthy mouth feel.


An easy drinking style, the wine sealed with a screw cap will improve with medium term cellaring. Enjoy in moderation.